Our R&D facilities continue to go from strength to strength and epitomises the strength of our business. Our product development has enabled Complete Automotive to keep up to date with demand and continue to grow the business by being the first to market in the UK with a number of products. Internal knowledge of the market from within the business allows us to generate a list of new products that we want to develop and gain market advantage.

Our research has lead to new developments in PCB board design and manufacture, thus enabling us to manufacture our own test machines and equipment. Coupled with the introduction of new reverse engineering practices, to gain a deeper understanding of electronics component failure and software failures, we are developing a very strong team and equally, a very robust product.

Our own in-house plastics development has enabled us to design and manufacture component plastic parts – otherwise unavailable – on our own specialist 3D printing machines.

Every new to range (NTR) product must come through the development process, to fully understand all failure points and to provide a full and comprehensive repair, to enable the remanufacturing team to provide high quality products that will exceed the 2 years, unlimited mileage guarantee that we provide. The development processes will underline any weak areas in the old product, that may cause premature failure on the vehicle. These failure points can range from Software, communication, mechanical, electronic, OE design flaws and plastics failure. The research team has a responsibility to find a solution to all of these areas.

Now that we have the introduction of our own fitting facility, we can trial the product prior to introduction into the remanufacturing workshops. This facility not only enables us to check the robust nature of our repair, but it also helps us to fully understand the installation processes needed to be undertaken by the mechanic who would install our products. We are able to provide installation guides for all our products, that assist with mechanical and diagnostic installation support.

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– John Tupper
– Jonathan Pollentine, Product Group Manager – Euro Car Parts
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