Our Company Values

Learn - Act - Share

Our ethos is that when we Learn something new, we Act upon that Learning and most importantly, we Share our new findings with our colleagues. Our responsibility is to teach and by adopting the Covey principle of ‘Teach them well and they will lead’  -we see continuous improvement in each member of our team in their own personal development plans. This adds value to our company and strength to our team.

Quality over Quantity

It is possible to produce a multitude of products every day, way beyond our expected production capacity, but our belief is that High Volume usually equals Low Quality. Our production teams are encouraged to do the best that they can every day without reducing quality levels. Low quality leads to low margins and loss of customers. Our goal has always been to provide an alternative to the OE, so our standards are to produce a high-quality product with a returns rate that falls below 1%.

Farmers, not Hunters

Another Covey principle – adaptive to our customers and our staff alike. We are not like the Hunter seeking a quick kill – we are like the farmer who tends to the ground, sows the seed, feeds and waters the seed till its fully grown. We want our staff to enjoy their employment and to make this their career – we invest in their wellbeing and their future. We also want our customers to know that they are valued and that just like the farmer and his land, we will tend to their accounts and their custom for many years to come.

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