The Hirsche Automotive brand of products are exclusively distributed in the UK by Euro Car Parts. Hirsche has actively targeted the OE for standards of engineering, quality and finish. With huge investment in innovative solutions to EPS steering issues, and a dedicated Research and Development team in the background, Hirsche is quickly becoming a market leader in its chosen sector of the Automotive Aftermarket. Standards of production are high and this promotes confidence through its distribution networks directly into the end user. The Hirsche brand can be applied to all Aftermarket Products but specifically it is known for supplying high quality Aftermarket EPS Steering racks, Columns & Pumps and Hydraulic Steering Racks, Pumps & Boxes.




The iSteer brand was introduced in 2016 and, just like Hirsche, has the full support of our Research and Development team to improve quality and introduction of new to range steering products. The brand is quickly being recognised throughout the Automotive Aftermarket and is trusted for quality and finish. The products are supported by installation guides and an informative website, to enable the end user to have a good experience with this range and brand.

New cars are being developed with new technologies for all components – steering is no different – at iSteer the goal is to stay ahead of those technologies and provide #IntelligentSteering into the aftermarket for many years to come.