Ignite is our oldest brand, it is home to our production of Ignition Leads for the Automotive Aftermarket. The production processes in Ignite are quite old by design, but specifically so, because new technology of production is  targeted at speed and production volumes, but we feel that the integrity of production quality is lost this way.

At Ignite, ALL leads are produced by hand – each lead is tested individually – each lead set is packaged individually. We have never had a faulty Ignition Lead due to a production error. There is mileage in taking the time to make a quality product and Ignite is the epitome of this approach. Our offering isn’t dated though, with the ability to produce standard cables, right up to NasCar racing leads. Our leads are used in motor racing teams as they are proven to add a little more to the performance of the car.

Ignite also works with the Research & Development team and has recently introduced a new range of Electric Vehicle Charging Cables, thus providing a great mix of Old and Modern products in its portfolio.

‘Whatever road you travel, trust Ignite for your journey’